Crack Sealing & Filling

It has been well documented that cracks in a road are inevitable and neglecting to address them will lead to further cracking and potholes. If these cracks are treated at the proper time and in the proper manner such as sealing a filling it can extend the life of the pavement thus saving money over the lifespan of the roadway.

Crack sealing & filling is the placement of specialized treatment materials above or into moderately size cracks. This seals the cracks from water intrusion and keeps non-compressible material from entering the crack and causing further damage leading to pot holes and base failure. Crack sealing can be used to prepare a surface for a future overlay such a slurry seal, micro surfacing or ultra thin lift asphalt. Crack sealing is accomplished by routing and/or cleaning the cracks in a road and injecting liquid rubberized asphalt with a spray wand. The surface may be sanded and normally can be opened to traffic in less than 30 minutes. Typically the price of crack sealing is approximately $2,000 per lane mile of roadway.

Crack SealCrack SealCrack Seal