Micro Surfacing

Micro surfacing is cold mixed asphalt consisting of a mixture of polymer-modified emulsified asphalt, mineral aggregate, mineral filler, water and additives that is proportioned, mixed and uniformly spread over a properly prepared surface. It is used to seal aged and raveled pavement, restore skid resistance and restore aesthetic appeal. Slurry seals protect the existing pavement surface from the element of water, sun UV rays and traffic wear.

The micro surface mixture is mixed in a traveling paver truck as determined by a laboratory mix design and is placed by a specially designed spreader box. It is a fast, efficient and cost effective way of maintaining roads. It can be used to fill ruts and, restore a road surface profile and traffic can typically be allowed on the surface after an hour.

It comes in many different types. Different stone sizes give different surface textures. Type I is fine and can be used for parking lots and residential streets. Type II is coarser and general purpose it is used for all applications including arterial roads, residential areas and highways. Type III is the coarsest and is used on freeways, rut filling and high speed roads. The price of micro surfacing is approximately $17,500 per lane mile of roadway.